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August 2020 Auction

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Stack's Bowers Galleries, August 2020 Auction

Live Sessions: Ancient and World Coins, Paper Money

Part A: We, 05.08.2020, from 06:00 PM CEST
Part B: Th, 06.08.2020, from 06:00 PM CEST
Part C: Th, 06.08.2020, from 10:00 PM CEST
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Part A: Closed
Part B: Th, 06.08.2020, until 09:00 AM CEST
Part C: Th, 06.08.2020, until 09:00 AM CEST


ARGENTINA. Banco de Provincia de Buenos Aires. 200 Pesos, 1865. P-S469s. Specimen. About Uncirculated.
BA-108s Bradbury, Wilkinson Specimen First issue of the newly re-established Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (first series to spell Aires with an I instead of a y - subsequent issues went back to Ayres). Very rare as most notes from the series were redeemed. Only one issued note has been seen by the author of the Bauman Catalog, which is in a museum. Official specimen prepared for the bank with tab and embossed round BWC seal. Bauman catalog plate note. Found with some edge damage & holes.
Estimate: $500.00- $1000.00

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Starting price 300 USD
Estimate 500 USD
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