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Sa, 01.06.2019, from 05:00 PM CEST
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Kings of Pergamon. Pergamon. Eumenes I 263-241 BC. In the name of Philetairos. Struck circa 255/0-241 BC
Tetradrachm AR

29mm., 16,89g.

Laureate head of Philetairos facing right, within dotted border / ΦΙΛΕΤΑΙΡΟΥ, Athena enthroned left, resting left elbow on shield, adorned with a gorgoneion, to right, and crowning dynastic name with a wreath held in her right hand, spear in background, to outer left, ivy leaf upwards, in inner left, pellet-in-Α, to right, bow.

nearly extremely fine, old cabinet tone, high relief

SNG BN 1612; SNG Copenhagen 335; SNG von Aulock 1356.

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