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Silver | 193rd Silver Auction  –  28 January 2024

Savoca Coins, Silver | 193rd Silver Auction

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Su, 28.01.2024, from 6:00 PM CET
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Theophilus, with Constantine and Michael II AD 829-842. Constantinople
Solidus AV

21 mm, 4,40 g

*ΘЄOFI-LOS bASILЄ Θ, draped bust of bust of Theophilus facing, with short beard, wearing crown surmounted by cross, with patriarchal cross in right hand, akakia in left / + mIXAHL-S COnStAntIn', draped facing busts of deceased father Michael II (on left), wearing short beard, and deceased son Constantine (on right), beardless, each wearing crown surmounted by cross; cross in field above.

NGC graded MS Strike 5/5 Surface 2/5; brushed, clipped

Sear 1653.

Theophilos was Byzantine Emperor from 829 to 842, known for his opposition to icon worship. Issuing a strict ban on icon veneration in 832, reports of harsh measures against dissenters are considered possibly exaggerated. Theophilos faced conflicts with Saracens in Sicily but turned attention to a war against the Caliph of Baghdad, triggered by offering asylum to Persian refugees. Initial successes were followed by defeats, including the fall of Amorion in 838. A campaign against the Bulgarians disrupted the Via Militaris. Diplomatically, Theophilos engaged with the Emirate of Córdoba. Internally, Theophilos fought corruption, implemented impartial justice, and maintained sound finances despite expenditures. Educated in grammar, he valued music and art, fortifying Constantinople's walls and establishing a lasting hospital. Married to Theodora II, his death left their young son, Michael III, as heir. Theodora II, along with their daughter Thekla and the eunuch Theoktistos, took up regency. Theophilos' eldest son, Constantine, had died, and his youngest daughter, Maria, was married to the general Alexios Musele.

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