Savoca Coins

Silver | 161st Silver Auction  –  16 April 2023

Savoca Coins, Silver | 161st Silver Auction

Ancient and World Coins

Su, 16.04.2023, from 6:00 PM CEST
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Marc Antony and Octavian 41 BC. Military mint moving with M.Antony
Denarius AR

20 mm, 3,60 g

Bare head of Antony to right; M•ANT•IMP•AVG•III•VIR•R•P•C•M•BARBAT•Q•P around / Bare head of Octavian to right, with slight beard; CAESAR•IMP•PONT•III•VIR•R•P•C• around.

nearly extremely fine

Crawford 517/2; RBW 1798; CRI 243; BMCRR East 103; RSC 8a; FFC 8.

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Price realized 1'000 EUR 20 bids
Starting price 200 EUR
The auction is closed.
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