Savoca Coins

Silver | 133rd Silver Auction  –  15 May 2022

Savoca Coins, Silver | 133rd Silver Auction

Ancient and World Coins

Su, 15.05.2022, from 6:00 PM CEST
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Ionia. Ephesos. Augustus 27 BC-AD 14.
Cistophoric Tetradrachm AR

26 mm, 11,83 g

IMP • CAESAR, bare head to right / Six stalks of grain tied in a bundle, AVGV-STVS across fields.

good very fine

RPC I 2214; RIC I 478; BMCRE 697; RSC 32b.

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Price realized 1'800 EUR 22 bids
Starting price 250 EUR
The auction is closed.
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