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Ancient Greek, Roman and Islamic Rarities

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Kings of Parthia. Phraates IV. Circa 38-2 BC. AR Tetradrachm 28 mm. 10.3 gm. Seleukeia on the Tigris mint. Dated Gorpiaios SE 288 (May 24 BC). Obv: Diademed and draped bust left, wart on forehead, wearing pointed beard and torque with no end visible; all within pelleted border. Rev: BΛ(three-bar Σ)IΛE(Ω with central pellet)[(three-bar Σ)]/BΛ(three-bar Σ)ΛE(Ω with central pellet)N ΛP(three-bar Σ)AK(quadrate O)Y/EYEPΓETOY (...)/ΔIKAI(quadrate O)Y EΠIΦΛNOV(three-bar Σ)/ΦIΛEΛΛHN(quadrate O)(three-bar Σ), Phraates seated right on throne, Tyche standing left before him, presenting palm and holding cornucopia; date in exergue. Callataÿ, Tetradrachmes, pp. 73-74; Sellwood 51.21 var. Ex. Frank Kovacs sale V August 1984.

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