Nomos, Auction 11

Celtic, greek, roman, byzantine coins, lead seals and weights, and silver coi...

Fr, 09.10.2015, from 10:00 AM CEST
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Nero, 54-68. Dupondius (Orichalcum, 28.5mm, 13.68 g 6), Rome, 64. NERO.CLAVD CAESAR.AVG.GER P.M.TR.P.IMP P.P. Radiate head of Nero to left. Rev. VICTORIA AVGVSTI / S - C Victory walking to left, holding wreath in her right hand and palm branch with her left. BMC 216. BN 310. Cohen 349. RIC 197. WCN 208. A coin with a particularly fine portrait and a splendid green, red and brown patina. Extremely fine.

From the collection of the MoneyMuseum, Zürich and that of K. P. Wyprächtiger, Hess-Divo 267, 20 May 1996, 206.

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Price realized 1'800 CHF
Starting price 1'600 CHF
Estimate 2'000 CHF
The auction is closed.
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