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Fr, 09.10.2015, from 10:00 AM CEST
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CILICIA, Tarsos. Time of Pharnabazos or Datames, circa 379-374/378-372. Tetrobol (Silver, 12mm, 3.00 g 2). Head of Arethusa facing, turned slightly to the left, wearing necklace of pendants; around, three dolphins (one barely visible). Rev. HLK ( =Khilik ) Bearded head of a helmeted warrior to left (Ares?). SNG Paris 301 = Traité II, 590, pl. CVIII, 8. Weber 7621 ( same dies ). Extremely rare. An excellent small coin with a dark grey patina. Nearly extremely fine.

From a Swiss collection.

While silver staters and obols minted by the various Persian satraps of Cilicia are known in great numbers, tetrobols (or third staters) are actually very rare, indeed. This piece comes from a very small issue that seems to have been struck in the second quarter of the 4th century; unfortunately it is anonymous save for the name of the satrapy and, so, cannot be more narrowly dated.

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