Numismatica Genevensis SA
Numismatica Genevensis SA, Auction 11

A Royal Collection

Mo, 18.11.2019, from 02:30 PM CET
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A collection of 9 gold Mohurs from different rulers.
Jalal al-din Muhammad Akbar b. Humayun, AH 963-1014 (1556-1605 CE). AV Mohur (currency issue, struck on a small flan) AH 979 (1571/2 CE), Dar al-Khilafat Agra. 10,88g. KM 106.1. AV Mohur (currency issue) AH 985, Dar al-Khilafat Agra. 10,92g. BMC Mughal 65; KM 108.1. Shihab al-din Muhammad Shah Jahan I, AH 1037-1068 (1628-1658 CE). AV Mohur Ilahi month Adhar, regnal year 2, Surat. 10,95g. KM 255.6. AV Mohur AH 1042, Ilahi month Adhar, Ahmadabad. 10,92g. KM 255.1. Muhi al-din Muhammad Awrangzib ‘Alamgir I b. Shah Jahan, AH 1068-1118 (1658-1707 CE). AV Mohur AH 1118, regnal year 50, Burhanpur. 11,01g. KM 315.16. AV Mohur AH 1090, regnal year 23, Surat. 11,07g. KM 315.45. Mu’izz al-din Jahandar Shah b. Shah ‘Alam, AH 1124-1125 (1712-1713 CE). AV Mohur (2) 1124 AH, regnal year 1, Dar al-Khilafat Shahjahanabad (Delhi). 10,90g & 10,91g. KM 368.6. Nasir al-din Muhammad Shah b. Khujasta Akhtar b. Shah ‘Alam, AH 1131-1161 (1719-1748 CE). AV mohur AH11 (49/50), regnal year 10, Dar al-Khilfat Shahjahanabad (Delhi). 10,85g. KM 430.4. Lot of 9 coins.
Extremely fine to uncirculated. (9)

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Price realized 8'400 CHF
Starting price 4'000 CHF
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