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SECVNDA II  –  10 October 2021

Lucernae Numismatics, SECVNDA II

Ancient, Islamic (Al-Andalus) and World Coins, Banknotes and Militaria (Water...

Su, 10.10.2021, from 4:30 PM CEST
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★ In the higest quality and top rarity. Exceptional with full silvering ★

Roman Empire - Maximianus, first reign, (286-305 A.D.) Silvered antoninianus (3,61 g. 23 mm.), Lugdunum mint, early 293 A.D.

IMP MAXIMIANVS AVG, Radiate bust right wearing cuirass./

P M TR P VIII COS IIII P P, lion walking left, holding thunderbolt in its mouth; C in exergue!!

RIC V 345 var (C mintmark)

Practically uncirculated with fully silvering. Outstanding quality. VERY RARE!

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Estimate 1'000 EUR
The auction is closed.
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