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★ An unpublished and highly important 7500 Reis 1836 pattern of Maria II ★

PORTUGAL, Kingdom. Maria II a Educadora (the Educator), 1834-1853. 7500 Reis 1836 (Gold, 32 mm, 14.32 g, 11 h), pattern. Lisboa (Lisbon), Birmingham or London. MARIA•II•PORTUG:ET• ALGARB:REGINA•1836• Diademed head of Maria II to left; signature YY below. Rev. Crowned coat of arms within olive and oak branches. Costa -. Gomes -. Apparently unpublished and of great interest. Very minor marks on the obverse, otherwise, extremely fine.

This apparently unpublished 7500 Reis (Peça) pattern with a reeded edge (ensaio monetário com serrilha) is one of the most important rarities in the coinage of Maria II. In 1836, Portugal transitioned to the decimal currency system. During this transition, several patterns, primarily with the new denominations, were minted. However, this exceptional example still represents the old currency system. The obverse design is known from the more common 500 Reis pattern (Gomes E12.09), while the reverse die was previously used for the 7500 Reis pieces of Pedro IV (Gomes 09.01). The mint of origin is uncertain; potential locations include Lisbon, Birmingham, and London. It is possible that William Wyon, the renowned British chief engraver of the Royal Mint, who visited Lisbon in late 1835 to design a new portrait for Portuguese coinage, was responsible for the obverse design of this pattern. However, the signature YY suggests a different, unknown engraver, only adding to the mystery and importance of the coin.

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