Leu Numismatik

Auction 10  –  24 October 2021

Leu Numismatik, Auction 10

Celtic, Greek, Arabian, Roman, Byzantine and Early Medieval Coins

Su, 24.10.2021, from 3:00 PM CEST
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★ A lovely rendering of Roma ★

UNCERTAIN GERMANIC TRIBES, Pseudo-Imperial coinage. Late 3rd-early 4th centuries. 'Aureus' (Gold, 19 mm, 6.00 g, 12 h), 'Derived Plated Group'. Imitating Probus, 276-282. OИИƧIIIIO OIIIIIIƧ-IIO Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Probus to left, seen from behind. Rev. O_I'LIII II M IIIII- Roma, helmeted, seated left on throne, holding wreath (or stylized Victory?) in her right hand and spear in her left; between throne and spear, Ƨ; in exergue, decorative zigzag line. Original suspension loop attached. Very fine.

From the Aurum Barbarorum Collection.

This coin most certainly originated in the same workshop as Aurum Barbarorum II, 1915.

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Price realized 3'000 CHF
Starting price 400 CHF
Estimate 500 CHF
The auction is closed.
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