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Auction 7

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Leu Numismatik, Auction 7

Celtic, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval and Islamic coins featuring the Aur...

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Part 2: Su, 25.10.2020, until 06:00 AM CET


CELTIC, Central Europe. Vindelici. 1st century BC. Stater (Gold, 18 mm, 7.62 g). Face mask with pug nose. Rev. Vertical dagger set on two volutes; below, large pellet; all within shallow incuse. Dembski -. Flesche -. Karl -. LT pl. XXIX, V 26. SLM -. Of the highest rarity and great importance, a beautifully struck example of this very unusual issue. Nearly extremely fine.

From a Swiss collection, formed over two generations, ex Leu 65, 21-22 May 1996, 25.

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