Bertolami Fine Arts

Auction 29  –  22 March 2017

Bertolami Fine Arts, Auction 29

Greek, Roman and Byzantine Coins

We, 22.03.2017, from 10:00 AM CET
The auction is closed.


Hadrian (117-138), Sestertius, Rome, AD 119-121 ; AE (g 24,97; mm 34; h 6); IMP CAESAR TRAIAN - HADRIANVS AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust r. , Rv. P M TR P COS III, Spes advancing l., raising skirt and holding flower; in field, S - C. RIC 612b; C 1154. Untouched green patina, about extremely fine.

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Price realized 1'600 GBP
Starting price 1'200 GBP
Estimate 2'000 GBP
The auction is closed.
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