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★ Divus Iulius Caesar ★

Augustus, with Divus Julius Caesar AR Denarius

Augustus (27 BC-14 AD), with Divus Julius Caesar . AR Denarius (18-19 mm, 3.65 g). M. Sanquinius, moneyer. Rome, 17 BC.
Obv. M SANQVINIVS III VIR, youthful, laureate head of deified Julius Caesar right; above, a comet with four rays and a tail.
Rev. AVGVST DIVI F LVDOS SAE, herald of the Ludi Saeculares standing left, wearing long robe reaching to ankles and helmet with two long feathers, and holding winged caduceus upright in right hand and round shield, ornamented with six-pointed star, in left.
RIC I 340; BMCRE 70 = BMCRR Rome 4584.

Old collection toning. Ragged edge, otherwise, extremely fine.

The Ludi Saeculares or Secular Games had been celebrated in Rome since the 4th century BC. The disturbed times did not permit them to be held in 46 BC, and they were not reinstated by Augustus until 17 BC, when the first coins marking the event were struck.

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