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Auction 10  –  27 February 2022

Alfa Numismatics, Auction 10

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Su, 27.02.2022, from 6:00 PM CET
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★ Ex Berlin Museum, 1909, Rare ★

Cyrenaica. Barke. Circa 440-420 BC. AR Tetradrachm (24mm, 16,17g 7h). Silphium plant with leaves and flowers / ΒΑRΚ (retrograde), bearded head of Zeus-Ammon to right, with ram's horn over ear; behind neck Τ. Robinson, “Quaestiones Cyrenaicae”, NumChron 1915, plate lll, 19 (this coin); BMC plate XXXIII, 17 (same dies). Toned, porosity. High points scraped. Rare. Very Fine.

Ex “Continental” collection, Classical Numismatic Group Sale XXIV (9 December 1992), lot 374.
Ex Ratto (26 April 1909), lot 5712 (Berlin Museum duplicate)

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