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Zeus Numismatics, Budget Auction 11

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Sa, 01.08.2020, from 04:00 PM CEST
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Lead seal of Ioannes Paktiares (ca 11th cent.).
Obverse: Saints Theodoros Tiron (right) and Theodoros Stratelates (left), standing one opposite the other but facial, nimbate, wearing military garments, having each one in front of him a spear and a shield, columnar inscriptions besides them, Ο CΤΡΑΤΗΛΑΤ(ΗC) (The Stratelates)- O ΘΕΟΔΩΡ(ΟC) (Theodore), all within dotted border.

Reverse: Inscription in 6 lines, following a cross, +/CΦΡΑΓΙC/ΜΑΔΟΥΚΟC/Α´ΝΩRΕΛΙCΙ/ΜΟVΙΩ(ΑΝΝΟΥ)ΜΑΡΤΙ/ΡΕCΤΟVΠΑ/ΚΤΙΑΡΗ = + Σφράγισμα δουκὸς πρωτονοβελλισίμου Ἰωάννου, μάρτυρες, τοῦ Πακτιάρη ([Holy martyrs Theodores, be] seal of doux and protonovellisimos John Paktiares).

It's to note that the inscription in the reverse consists of two metric iambic twelve-syllable verses.

Condition: VF plus, as in photos, with nice reddish patina and completely legible inscription.

Weight: 9.20 gr
Diameter: 24 mm

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