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CILICIA, Soloi-Pompeiopolis. Pseudo-autonomous issue. AE 2-3. Century
Obv: XΡΥCΙΠ-ΠΟC. Bust of the philosopher Chrysippos to right.
Rev: ( ΠΟ)ΜΠΗΙΟ-ΠΟΛΕΙΤΩ- N.I Asklepios standing and head left. Serpent right.
Extremly Rare. Possibly unpublished.
6,11 gr. 21 mm
Chrysippos of Soloi (c. 280-208 BC) was a Greek philosopher who became the third and perhaps most influential leader of the Stoic school in Athens.
Chrysippos was born in Tarsos BC. 280 His father Apollonius moves to Soloi. Some Greek sources say that Chrysippos was born in Soloi. Chrysippos moved to Athens when he was young, where he became a disciple of Cleanthes, a scholar at the Stoic school. When Cleanthes died around 230 BC he became the new head of the school.
Stoicism seems to have particular appeal to the Hellenistic kings and Roman emperors. Almost all Alexander III "the" Great successors and many of the emperors had stoic ideals. One of the most famous was the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, whose work Thoughts was one of the most influential, stoic representations of the empire.
Marcus Aurelius's diary is about his thoughts on life and death. His diary inspired by stoic thought.
In his book "Ta eis eauton / τα εις εαυτόν" he often says "YOU"; in fact, he calls himself; as Chrysippos said. Here you can clearly see that Chrysippos had a great impact on Marcus Aurelius.
The death of Chrysippos BC 208. People from Soloi have not forgotten him.
Coins were later struck after he died. In the Caracalla era, Geta, Philip I Arab and Trajan Decius. There are examples of coins that have been documented in catalogs or sold at auctions.
This unique coin from Soloi may not have been published.
Chrysippos is typically adept at the Soloi coin master as an older man. On reverse we can see Asklepios and his symbol snake. Why Asklepios? We know this from the historian Callisthenes. He was a good friend of Alexander the Great. Says Calisstehnes; Alexander has sacrificed gifts and often prayed at the Asklepios Temple in Soloi. We know Asklepio's cult from there.

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