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Tareq Hani Collection - Ancient and World Coins

Sa, 29.02.2020, from 07:00 PM CET
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Cilicia. Tarsos. Tarkumuwa (Datames). Satrap of Cilicia and Cappadocia 384-360 BC. Struck circa 370 BC
Stater AR

24mm., 10,80g.

Ana, nude, standing right, extending right hand and pointing at the head of Tarkumuwa, standing left, wearing chlamys, leaning on staff in left hand, right hand raised, ANA (in Aramaic) to left, thymiaterion and TRKMW (in Aramaic) between, all within square dotted border in linear border / Baal of Tarsos seated right, head and torso facing, holding grain ear and grape bunch in extended right hand, cradling eagle-tipped scepter in left arm, B'LTRZ (in Aramaic) to left, thymiaterion in background, all within crenellated wall.

Extremely fine, toned, test cut

Casabonne Series 3; Moysey Issue 5; SNG Levante -; SNG von Aulock 5948. From The Tareq Hani collection.

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