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Savoca Coins, Special Auction

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Su, 26.01.2020, from 05:00 PM CET
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Marcus Aurelius AD 161-180. Struck AD 164. Rome
Aureus AV

19 mm., 7,28 g.

• M • ΛNTONINVS ΛVG ΛRMEN P M, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / TR P XVIII • IMP II COS III, ΛRMEN in exergue, Armenia, wearing cloak and breeches to ankles, and pointed cap on head, seated left on ground, in attitude of mourning, propping head on right hand, right elbow bent and resting on knee, left hand on bow and quiver to right, trophy behind and to the right.

extremely fine

RIC III 86 (same reverse die as illustration); MIR 18, 89-2/37; Calicó 1813 (same obverse die as illustration); BMCRE 278 (same dies); Biaggi 838 (same obverse die); Jameson -; Mazzini 11 (same obverse die).

Ex CNG 112, 627.

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Price realized 9'500 EUR 13 bids
Starting price 4'000 EUR
The auction is closed.
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