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Savoca Coins, Silver | 214th Monthly Silver Auction

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★ Fantastic Claudius Sestertius ★

Claudius AD 41-54. Rome
Sestertius Æ

35 mm, 27,83 g

TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP P P, laureate head right / SPES AVGVSTA, Spes, draped, standing left, holding flower and raising skirt; SC in exergue

Beautiful olive green-chestnut colored patina, severe and expressive portrait of Claudius, professionally conserved/gently smoothed, Extremely Fine.

RIC I 115; BMCRE 192

Provenance: Ex Pecunem, Numismatik Naumann (formerly Gitbud & Naumann), Gitbud & Naumann Auction 19, lot 500 (July 6th, 2014).

Claudius' deliberate choice of Spes, the goddess of hope, to feature prominently on his coinage speaks volumes about her significance in his mind. According to Carson, this particular motif likely debuted in the accession year of 41, coinciding with Claudius' own birthday on August 1st, which was also the day dedicated to making vows to Spes. During this crucial year, Claudius sought Spes' aid for his newborn son, Britannicus, underscoring her importance in moments of transition and anticipation. Spes' role as the goddess of the future endowed her with particular significance in pivotal life events, such as weddings and births, where hope for what lies ahead is paramount, especially for the well-being of children. Against the backdrop of the eventful year of 41, Claudius' selection of Spes resonated deeply. Carson observes that this depiction of Spes later became a customary representation for imperial heirs, with the reverse inscription, "SPES AVGVSTA," suggesting hope not just for the individual but for the entire empire, embodied through the imperial family. Kent further highlights the evolution of this symbolism, noting that as Claudius' reign progressed, the hope for imperial succession shifted from Britannicus to his adopted son, Nero. The prevalence of temples and altars dedicated to Spes in Rome, coupled with the meticulous craftsmanship of Claudius' coinage featuring her, hints at the inspiration drawn from statues, possibly of ancient origin, given their archaic qualities

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