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Silver | 193rd Silver Auction  –  28 January 2024

Savoca Coins, Silver | 193rd Silver Auction

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Su, 28.01.2024, from 6:00 PM CET
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★ Of excellent style ★

Attica. Athens circa 455-440 BC. Early transitional issue
Tetradrachm AR

23 mm, 17,20 g

Helmeted head of Athena right, with frontal eye / AΘE, owl standing right, head facing; olive sprig and crescent to left; all within incuse square.

NGC graded AU Strike 5/5 Surface 5/5

HGC 4, 1597.

Athena, in Greek mythology, is one of the twelve Olympian deities and the daughter of Zeus, the king of the gods. She is often referred to as the goddess of wisdom, courage, warfare, strategy, and crafts. Athena is typically depicted wearing armor and a helmet, and she is often shown carrying a shield and a spear. She is known for her strategic and intellectual abilities, and she represents the more rational and disciplined aspects of human nature. Athena was considered the protector of heroes and played a significant role in the epic tales of ancient Greece. Athena is often associated with the city of Athens, which was named in her honor. The city considered her its patron goddess and built the Parthenon, a magnificent temple, as a tribute to her. The Parthenon became one of the most iconic examples of ancient Greek architecture. Athena's birth is also noteworthy in Greek mythology. According to one myth, she sprang fully grown and armored from the head of her father, Zeus, after he swallowed her mother, Metis, in fear of a prophecy that their child would be more powerful than him. In addition to her role in warfare and wisdom, Athena was also considered the goddess of crafts and the arts, especially weaving. She was often associated with the concept of a civilized society and the pursuit of knowledge. Athena was a revered figure in the pantheon of Greek gods and goddesses, and her influence extended beyond Greece, as she became the inspiration for various aspects of Western culture and philosophy.

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