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Silver | 182nd Silver Auction  –  29 October 2023

Savoca Coins, Silver | 182nd Silver Auction

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Su, 29.10.2023, from 6:00 PM CET
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Ionia. Miletos circa 525-475 BC.
Diobol AR

9 mm, 1,10 g

Forepart of lion to right, his head turned back to left / Star-shaped floral ornament within incuse square.

Good Very Fine

Klein 424; SNG Keckman 273; SNG von Aulock 2080.

The star-shaped floral ornament on Miletus coins is known as a "rosette." It's a common decorative motif found on various ancient coins, including those minted in Miletus. The rosette design typically features radiating petals arranged in a circular or star-like pattern, resembling a stylized flower or rosette. On Miletus coins, the rosette often appears as an additional design element, accompanying other symbols or images, such as the lion's head or other mythological figures. This rosette motif was used to enhance the visual appeal of the coins and add artistic intricacy to their design. The presence of rosettes on coins from Miletus and other ancient cities reflects the aesthetic sensibilities of the time, as well as the importance of decorative elements in numismatic art. These rosettes can vary in complexity and style, showcasing the craftsmanship and creativity of ancient coin makers.

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