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Savoca Coins, Silver | 174th Silver Auction

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Kings of Macedon. Amphipolis. Demetrios I Poliorketes 306-283 BC.
Tetradrachm AR

30 mm, 17,30 g

Diademed and horned head right / ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΥ, Poseidon Pelagaios standing left, right foot on rock, holding trident; monograms to inner left and inner right.

Very Fine

Newell 116, obv. die CVIII; HGC 3, 1014b.

Demetrios I of Macedon, commonly known as Demetrios Poliorcetes (meaning "Demetrius the Besieger" in Greek), was a prominent figure in the Hellenistic period. He was born around 337 BC and died in 283 BC. Demetrios was the son of Antigonus I Monophthalmus, one of the Diadochi (successors) of Alexander the Great, and he played a significant role in the wars of the Diadochi that followed Alexander's death. Demetrios is best known for his military campaigns and sieges, which earned him the nickname "Poliorcetes" due to his expertise in besieging cities. He was a skilled and innovative military commander, and he used various advanced siege techniques and machinery during his campaigns. One of his notable achievements was the capture of Athens in 307 BC, during which he used a massive siege tower known as the "Helepolis." However, his rule was marked by constant warfare, as he sought to expand his influence and power across the Hellenistic world. He even declared himself king of Macedon and Greece. Demetrios Poliorcetes' career was characterized by both successes and setbacks. He often found himself in conflict with other Diadochi, including the likes of Ptolemy I and Seleucus I. His efforts to establish a lasting empire were ultimately unsuccessful, and he died in in 283 BC.

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