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Silver | 174th Silver Auction  –  17 September 2023

Savoca Coins, Silver | 174th Silver Auction

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Su, 17.09.2023, from 6:00 PM CEST
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★ Of excellent style ★

Macedon. Chalkidian League. Olynthos circa 425 BC. Apollodoros, magistrate
Tetradrachm AR

25 mm, 14,32 g

Laureate head of Apollo right / ΧΛΚ-ΚΙΔ-ΕΩΝ, Kithara with seven strings.

Extremely Fine

Robinson/Clement -; HGC 3.1; 498; Clement, Olynthus IX, The Chalicidic Mint and the Excavation Coins Found in 1928-1934 (1938) Group F.

Ex Auktion Giessener Münzhandlung 211, Lot 164. Ex Fritz Rudolf Künker 304, Lot 257. The deep connection between the kithara and Apollo, the Greek god of the arts, is a profound aspect of ancient Greek culture and mythology. Apollo's multifaceted portfolio included music, poetry, prophecy, and more, but it's his role as the god of music that brings the kithara into focus. The kithara, a stringed musical instrument reminiscent of a lyre or harp, symbolized much more than music in ancient Greece. It embodied harmony, balance, and the pinnacle of cultural achievement. Apollo, often depicted with his kithara, was the ultimate musician. His divine melodies were believed to have the power to soothe the gods and uplift mortals, healing both body and spirit. In Greek mythology, Apollo's kithara wasn't merely an instrument; it was a source of inspiration, a means of calming divine tensions, and a symbol of cultural excellence. It was through the kithara that Apollo led the Muses, guiding humanity toward the arts and creativity.

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