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Akarnania. Thyrrheion. ΞΕΝΟΜΕΝΗΣ (Xenomenes), magistrate after circa 167 BC.
Trihemiobol (?) AR

15 mm, 0,93 g

ΘΥΡΡΕ behind head of Athena right, wearing crested helmet / ΞΕΝΟ-ΜΕΝΗΣ in two lines within laurel wreath.

nearly very fine

Cf. Numismatic Chronicle 1900, 14, pl. XIII, 13 (denomination); cf. Imhoof-Blumer, Numismatische Zeitschrift 10 (1878), 28 (same); cf. Mionnet, Suppl. III, 473, 139 (same).

The magistrate ΞΕΝΟΜΕΝΗΣ, whose name appears on our coin, it has been suggested that he was the ancestor of the Xenomenes of Thyrrheium, who entertained Cicero, when he passed through the town in 51 and 50 BC as Proconsul of Cilicia during his travel back to Rome. Cicero wrote in His Letters To His Friends: Tullius and his son, Quintus and his son, send warm greetings to Tiro, gentlest and best of men. See what a fascination you possess! We have been two hours at Thyreum. My host Xenomenes is as fond of you as if he had been brought up with you. He has promised to supply you with everything you want: I think he will do so. I should like him, if you are better, to transport you to Leucas, that you might complete your cure there... [CCLXXXVIII (Fam. XVI, 5)].

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