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Ancient Greek, Roman and Islamic Rarities

Su, 28.02.2021, from 5:00 PM CET
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Ptolemaic Kings of Egypt. Ptolemy V Epiphanes. 204-180 BC. Æ 25 mm. 9.6 gm. Alexandreia mint. Series 6. Obv: Bearded head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin headdress. Rev: Eagle with closed wings standing left on thunderbolt, head right, long caduceus over shoulder; K between legs. Svoronos 1376 (Ptolemy VI); Weiser 137 (Ptolemy V); SNG Copenhagen 270-1 (Ptolemy VI); Noeske 211 (Joint reign of Ptolemy VI and Ptolemy VIII); Lorber & Faucher Series 6D.

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