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Auction 3

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Papillon Numismatic, Auction 3

Ancient and World Coins

Su, 29.11.2020, from 07:00 PM CET
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Theodosius I, with Arcadius and Honorius, Æ Exagium Solidi Weight. Constantinople, circa 402-408. Obv: DDD NNN GGG, diademed and draped facing imperial busts. Rev: EXAGIVM SOLIDI, helmeted Constantinopolis enthroned left with foot on prow, holding scales and Victory on globe; CONS in exergue. Bendall 11; For reverse type cf. RIC X, 88-99.
Near Very Fine. Extremely Rare. Condition: Very fine.
Weight: 4.19 g.
Diameter: 19 mm.
Official solidus weights, based on a standard 'imperial pound', came into being with the law of Julian of AD 363, which established a zygostates - an official weigher of solidi in each city to restore confidence in the solidus, which had become subject to widespread clipping. Exagium derives from the Latin exigere to drive out - in this case, the underweight solidi, thereby maintaining an acceptable weight standard necessary for the imperial gold coinage to circulate at full value. Many, if not most, such exagia display holes and/or plugs to bring the exagium to the correct weight. Unmodified exagia are thus a rarity.

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