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ISLANDS OFF TROAS, Tenedos. (Circa 550-470 BC). AR Didrachm. Obv:Janiform male and female heads (Zeus and Hera?). Rev: Labrys within dotted square border. SNG Copenhagen 505. Extremely Rare. This coin is from the earliest issue of coinage at Tenedos. Although some place this issue in the late 6th century, there are no coins of this type in any hoard recorded before the mid-4th century. In fact, only two 4th century hoards record coins of Tenedos: Troas, 1969 (IGCH 1188), deposited c. 450 BC, and Massyaf, 1961 (IGCH 1483 = CH 8, 587 = CH 9, 362), deposited c. 425-420 BC. The former contained two coins of Tenedos, but further information was not recorded. The second hoard, however, contained a single didrachm, which was from the same issue as the present coin (cf. C.M. Kraay & P.R.S. Moorey, "Two fifth century hoards from the Near East," RN 1968, pl. XXVI, 57). That coin exhibits little wear, supporting a likely date of issue in the early to mid 5th century BC. Referance CNG Electronic Auction 455/131 . Condition: Extremely Fine.
Weight: 7.8 g.
Diameter: 20 mm.

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