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LESBOS. Mytilene. Tetradrachme (Circa 160-150 BC). Ap... and Proteas, magistrates.

Obv: Head of Zeus Ammon, with ram´s horns and Laurel wreath.
Cult image of Dionysos, wearing polos, the base adorned with wreath of ivy; all within wreath of ivy.

Leu 22 /129 var. (monograms on the reverse); Mattingly, ‘The Ma’Aret En-Nu’man Hoard’, in: Essays Carson & Jenkins, p. 81, 468 var. (magistrate Demetrios); Prospero Collection, The New York Sale XVII / 498 var. ( same obverse die, but with monograms on the reverse). Unpublished and unique, and perhaps only the fifth known 'Stephanophoric' tetradrachm from Mytilene.

Condition: Very fine.

Weight: 16.32 g.
Diameter: 35 mm.

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