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Numismatik Naumann, Auction 46

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KINGS OF CAPPADOCIA. Ariobarzanes I Philoromaios (96-63 BC). Drachm. Mint A (Eusebeia under Mt. Argaios). Uncertain date, likely RY 14 or 16 (82/1 or 80/79 BC).

Obv: Diademed head right.
Athena standing left, holding Nike and spear, and resting hand upon shield; monogram to inner left, A to inner right; uncertain date in exergue.

Cf. Simonetta 14/25; HGC 7, 846.

Based upon the monogram and letter across the inner field, the date is likely IΔ or Ις (RY 14 or 16).

Condition: Good very fine.

Weight: 4.27 g.
Diameter: 17 mm.

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