Numismatik Naumann

Auction 143  –  4 - 5 August 2024

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Numismatik Naumann, Auction 143

Ancient and World Coins

Su, 04.08.2024, from 5:00 PM CEST
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★ Exquisite Vetranio ★

VETRANIO (350). Siliqua. Siscia.

Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Victory advancing left, holding wreath and trophy.

RIC 267.

Among the best pieces in the market. Vetranio was a valiant soldier of humble origins who served under Constantine I and became magister militum under Constans I, proving himself an experienced officer. When the usurper Magnentius killed Constantus in 350, Constantina, sister of Constantius II and Constantus I, asked Vetranio to proclaim himself augustus to protect his family, as the Danubian troops would be more loyal to him than to an emperor in the far East. He was proclaimed augustus at Sirmium in March 350. Constantius, who was involved against the Sasanids, accepted him as a colleague, sending him a diadem and money and putting him in command of Danubian troops to fight Magnentius. Vetranio was initially loyal to Constantius, but then their relationship broke down and he decided to ally himself with Magnentius. The two sent a peace proposal, demanding the marriages of Magnentius to Constantina and Constantius to Magnentius' daughter, but Constantius refused. Vetranio then met with the latter first at Serdica, then at Naissus, where he was deposed on December 25, 350. Constantius managed to get the troops to acclaim him emperor and stripped Vetranio of his purple, but rewarded him with an estate at Prusa in Bithynia, where, however, he committed suicide in 356.

Condition: Near mint state.

Weight: 2.91 g.
Diameter: 20 mm.

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