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Auction 135  –  3 December 2023

Numismatik Naumann, Auction 135

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DIVA MARCIANA (Died 112/4). Sestertius. Rome.

Draped bust right, wearing stephane.
Diva Marciana, holding grain ears and sceptre, seated left on cart drawn by two elephants; each elephant with its own mahout.

Woytek 725; RIC 750.

The eldest daughter of the senator Marcus Ulpius Trajan and of Marcia, therefore Trajan's elder sister, she inherited her middle name, Marciana, from her mother's paternal ancestors. She married around 63 Gaius Saloninus Matidius Patricius, a very wealthy man, praetor and member of the religious college of the Arvales. From him Ulpia had a daughter Salonina Matidia. After Saloninus' death, Marciana did not remarry, although she had many pretenders due to her prestigious relationship with the emperor and her beauty. However, Trajan respected her wishes and never forced her to remarry. Her daughter Matidia instead married first a Matidius, then Lucius Vibius Sabinus, from a consular family, and from this marriage was born Vibia Sabina, future wife of Hadrian. When Vibius Sabinus died in 84 or 87, Ulpia Marciana with her daughter and granddaughters went to live in the family home of Trajan and his wife Plotina, and later in the palace. After 105 she was elevated to the rank of Augusta by her brother, the first sister of an emperor to receive this title. Although she was initially reticent, she was finally convinced by Plotina and first appeared on coins and depicted by statues. Her portrait is known for its complicated hairstyle with a high diadem. Marciana often travelled with Trajan, who considered her a trusted advisor and often asked her opinion on decisions. He also dedicated two cities to her, Colonia Marciana in Africa, and Marcianopolis in Moesia. She died between 112 and 114, when she was deified at the behest of Trajan, along with their father Marcus Ulpius Trajan.

Condition: Extremely fine, smoothed.

Weight: 26.89 g.
Diameter: 33 mm.

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