Auction 14  –  19 - 20 April 2024

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Numismad, Auction 14

Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic and World Coins & Seals

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Part 2: Sa, 20.04.2024, from 5:00 PM CEST
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Romanus III Argyrus (1028-1034) AV Histamenon (Gold, 4.41g, 25mm) Constantinople.
Obv: + ΙhS XIS REX REGNANTIhM, Christ Pantocrator seated facing on throne, holding Book of Gospels in his left hand and raising his right in blessing.
Rev: Θ CE ΒΟΗΘ ΡωΜΑΝω / ΜΘ On the left, Romanus standing facing, wearing crown and loros (with four pellets in the end), holding globus cruciger with his left hand; on the right, the Virgin, nimbate and wearing robes, crowning the emperor with her right hand and holding maphorion in her left.
Ref: DOC 1d. SB 1819.

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