Auction 10  –  18 May 2015

Nomos, Auction 10

Greek, Roman and Byzantine Coins

Mo, 18.05.2015, from 4:00 PM CEST
The auction is closed.


ROMAN AND BYZANTINE COINS Vitellius, 69. Denarius (Silver, 18mm, 3.28g 5), Rome, April- December 69. A VITELLIVS GERM IMP TR P Laureate head of Vitellius to right. Rev. XV VIR SACR FAC Tripod with covered vessel; below, raven standing right; above, dolphin to right. BMC 39. Cohen 111. RIC 109. Nicely struck in high relief. Extremely fine. From an American collection.

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Price realized 1'200 CHF
Starting price 1'000 CHF
Estimate 1'250 CHF
The auction is closed.
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