Auction 10  –  18 May 2015

Nomos, Auction 10

Greek, Roman and Byzantine Coins

Mo, 18.05.2015, from 4:00 PM CEST
The auction is closed.


GREEK COINS Gaul Massalia, c. 130-121 BC. Drachm (Silver, 18mm, 2.41g 6). Diademed and draped bust of Artemis to right, wearing pendant earring and pearl necklace, and with her bow and quiver over her shoulder. Rev. MAΣΣA / ΛIHTΩN Lion prowling to left, with open jaws and up­raised right forepaw; below, I-Δ-A. LT -. SNG Copenha­gen 781 var. Nicely and sharply struck. About extremely fine. From a Swiss private collection.

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Price realized 410 CHF
Starting price 140 CHF
Estimate 175 CHF
The auction is closed.
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