Auction 11  –  9 October 2015

Nomos, Auction 11

Celtic, greek, roman, byzantine coins, lead seals and weights, and silver coi...

Fr, 09.10.2015, from 10:00 AM CEST
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LUCANIA, Velia. Circa 300-280 BC. Diobol (Silver, 10mm, 1.13 g 3). Head of a nymph to right, her hair bound in an elaborate sakkos tied at the top; below chin, Ε. Rev. Owl, facing with spread wings, standing on Ζ. HN III 1314. SNG ANS 1278. Williams 636. Rare. Lightly toned. Nearly extremely fine.

From a Swiss collection, ex LHS 95, 25 October 2005, 475.

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Price realized 1'000 CHF
Starting price 520 CHF
Estimate 650 CHF
The auction is closed.
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