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Herakleia. Circa 330-320 BC. Didrachm or nomos (Silver, 23 mm, 7.91 g, 7 h), signed by the engraver Atha.... ?ΗΡΑΚΛΗΙΩΝ Head of Athena to right, wearing a pendant earring, a simple necklace and a Corinthian helmet adorned with Skylla hurling a stone to right; behind Athena's neck, Κ. Rev. ?ΗΡΑΚΛΗΙΩΝ Youthful Herakles standing facing, nude but for a strap across his chest and with the lion's skin over his left arm, holding a bow and an arrow in his left hand and a club in his right; above club to left, one-handled jug; in field to left, ΑΘΑ. HN III 1384. SNG ANS 74-6. SNG Ashmolean 625 (this obverse die). Van Keuren 85. Work 86. A lovely, very well-struck coin in unusually fine condition, with wonderful detail and lustrous surfaces. On the obverse, minor flan faults and die break on Athena's helmet, otherwise, good extremely fine.

From a collection formed in the Ticino prior to 2000.

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