Online Auction 10  –  26 November 2022

N&N LONDON, Online Auction 10

Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Medieval Coins, Seals, Antiquities

Sa, 26.11.2022, from 3:30 PM CET
The auction is closed.
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Leo I the Great, Eastern Roman Empire (AD 457-474). AV solidus (20mm, 4.4 g). Constantinople, 9th officina, ca. AD 462-466. D N LEO PE-RPET AVG, pearl-diademed, helmeted, cuirassed bust of Leo I facing, head slightly right, spear in right hand over shoulder, shield decorated with horseman motif in left / VICTORI-A AVGGG Θ, Victory standing facing, head left, tall jeweled cross with diagonal crossbar in right hand, fold of stola in left; star behind, CONOB in exergue.

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The auction is closed.
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