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Fatimid caliphate
al-Mustansir billah, AH 427-487 (1036-1094 CE). Fractional donative gold or 1/16 Dinar, Misr or Kharrubah. Two lines of inscription surrounded by a circle of dots / Two lines of inscription surrounded by a circle of dots. 0,2g. Album not listed but such fractional gold discussed p. 95.
One specimen known in the BM. Unique in private hands. Extremely fine.
This coin is essentially a donative piece, specially manufactured to be used as a scattering largesse at a ceremeny such as a circumcision, wedding or occasions when the ruler's generosity was needed as a tool of state. It is not clear what name the Fatimids gave to these tiny pieces. However, the Mughals of India, who regularly used such coins, called them "Nithar" or "Scattering", because they were thrown to the public. Needless to say, because they're so tiny very few of these coins have survived.

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