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Abbasid Caliphate, third period
al-Radi billah Abu'l-'Abbas Ahmad b. al-Muqtadir, AH322-329 (934-940 CE). Presentation double Dinar AH322, Madinat al-Salam. Standard abbasid third period dinar legends on both obverse and reverse. 8,47g. Album - (cf. 254A for the type but in the weight of one dinar).
Extremely rare. Spectacular and splendid.
Like the double dirham (previous lot), this double weight dinar was struck on special broad flans. As it was struck in AH 322, this presentation piece might have been used during the differents ceremonies when al-Radi, the son of al-Muqtadir (AH 295-320), was raised to the throne after the short reign of his oncle al-Qahir (AH 320-322).

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Price realized 31'000 CHF
Starting price 20'000 CHF
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