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Numismatica Genevensis SA, Auction 11

A Royal Collection

Mo, 18.11.2019, from 02:30 PM CET
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Gemini - the Twins AH 1030/16 (May - June 1621 CE).
Nur al-Din Muhammad Jahangir, AH 1014-1037 (1605-1627 CE). AV Mohur Zodiac constellation of Dopatka/Mithuna (Gemini - the Twins), AH 1030, regnal year 16 (November 1620 - October 1621 CE), Agra. Pair of nude twins embracing with radiate sun around / Name of Jahangir, son of Akbar, Mint and AH date with indication of year 16 in Persan. 10,90g. BMC Mughal, 332 var. (same obverse die but reverse dated 1032/18); KM 180.6; Fr. 764; Liddle Jahangir Type G83.
Nice extremely fine.
From the auction Leu Numismatik 80 (8 May 2001), 998.

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Price realized 190'000 CHF
Starting price 150'000 CHF
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