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Unique, the first gold dinar of the Timurids bearing the name of Timur (Tamerlane).
The Timurids of Transoxiana and Persia. Qutb al-din Timur Gurkhan b. Turaghay (known in the west as Tamerlane), AH 771-807 (1370-1405 CE) in the name of the Chaghatayid ruler Suyurghatmish, AH 771-790 (1370-1388 CE). AV Dinar AH 786, Isfahan. 4,29g. Album -; Catalogue of Oriental Coins -.
Extremely fine and unique.
From the auction NGSA 8 (24-25 November 2014), 291.
Timur – better known in the West as Tamerlane - was the Emir of Transoxiana who rose from modest origins to seize control of most of Central Asia. His brutality was legendary and he would sometimes have all of the inhabitants of the cities he conquered executed, sparing only the craftspeople he needed to build and decorate his capital city, Samarkand. Tamerlane never bore the title "Khan" and usually issued coins under the name of Suyurghatmish (AH 771-790) of the Chaghatayid dynasty, which was of more noble origins but held no power. Only a fractional dinar struck by the Sufids of Khwarazm bearing Timur's name is listed in Album’s Checklist (V2366). This full dinar is the largest gold coin recorded with Timur's name on it. While several examples of the Sufid fractionals are known, this is the only full dinar of this mint and date to be recorded anywhere. It is a true numismatic star. This gold coin was presumably struck by the Muzaffarids during the reign of Zayn al-‘Abidin (AH 786-789), the Muzaffarids being much more accustomed to strike gold coins than the Timurids. Between AH 789 and 790, the entire Muzaffarid region was occupied by the Timurids and silver coins naming Timur and his overlord Suyurghatmish were issued at numerous mints.

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