Naville Numismatics

Auction 83  –  30 July 2023

Naville Numismatics, Auction 83

Greek, Roman and Byzantine Coins

Su, 30.07.2023, from 5:00 PM CEST
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Egypt, Alexandria Domitian, 81-96 Diobol circa 91-92 (year 11), Æ 22.30 mm., 7.62 g.
Laureate head right, wearing grain ear wreath. Rev. ƐΛΠΙϹ ϹƐΒΑϹΤ Elpis advancing l., holding flower and rising skirt; in field, L-IA. Geissen –. Dattari 489. RPC 2621.

Scarce. Light brown tone, About Very Fine.

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Price realized 70 GBP 14 bids
Starting price 35 GBP
The auction is closed.
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