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Greek, Roman and Gupta Empire gold coins

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Didia Clara, daughter of Didius Julianus. Aureus March-May 193, AV 6.66 g. DIDIA CLA – RA AVG Draped bust r. Rev. HILA – R – TEMPOR Hilaritas standing l., holding palm-branch and cornucopia. C 2. BMC Didius Julianus 13. Woodward, NC 1961, pl.6, 11. RIC Didius Julianus 10. Calicó 2402 (this obverse die).
Extremely rare. A very attractive portrait and a light reddish tone, good very fine

Ex NAC 33, 2006, 520 and NAC 51, 2009, 344 sales.
After Didius Julianus purchased the throne of the Roman Empire at an auction held by the praetorian guardsmen early in 193, he was accorded the title of Augustus by a terror-stricken Senate. Also recognized were his wife Manlia Scantilla and his daughter Didia Clara, both of whom received the title of Augusta. Didia Clara was reputedly one of the most beautiful women in Rome, but virtually nothing is known about her life or her personality. She was married to Cornelius Repentinus, a cousin who served as prefect of Rome during the brief period that his father-in-law reigned. Repentinus’ predecessor had been Flavius Sulpicianus, the father-in-law of the murdered emperor Pertinax. Since Sulpicianus had been Didius Julianus’ main competitor at the auction for the throne, Julianus probably showed no remorse when he removed Sulpicianus from office and appointed his son-in-law in his place.

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