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Numismatica Ars Classica, Zurich, Auction 116

A highly important collection of Greek coins

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Nomos circa 440-425, AR 7.87g. Head of the nymph Terina l., hair bound in an ampyx, wearing necklace. All within an olive-wreath. Rev. TEPINAION Nike, wearing a chiton and a himation, seated l. on a hydria, holding a wreath in her r. hand and a kerykeion in her l. Holloway & Jenkins 12 (these dies). Regling 7 (these dies). Gillet 332 (these dies). Gulbenkian 149 (these dies). SNG ANS 801. Historia Numorum Italy 2575.
Very rare and in exceptional condition for the issue, among the finest specimens known
of this very difficult issue. A finely engraved reverse composition struck
on a very broad flan and exceptionally complete. Wonderful old cabinet
tone, two almost invisible marks on obverse, otherwise extremely fine

Ex New York sale XXVII, 2012, Prospero, 109.
If coinage can be taken as a yardstick of civic pride, the spirit of Terina remained intact despite a long history of its subjugation by more powerful neighbours. The city was founded by Croton late in the 6th Century B.C. on a site that has not certainly been identifed, but which likely is beneath the modern city of Sant'Eufemia Vetere on the south-western coast of the Italian peninsula. Terina probably remained under the infuence of Croton until 365 B.C., when it fell to the Lucanians. Nine years later it came under the rule of the Bruttians, and except for a brief intervention by Alexander the Molossian in about 330/325 B.C., it remained under the Bruttian yoke. Finally, in 203 B.C., it was razed by the armies of Hannibal, who were unable to hold it and thought it better to destroy Terina than to leave it intact for the Romans. The city's 'independent' silver coinage spans more than 150 years, and with few exceptions has on the obverse a female head presumed to be the local fountain nymph. The reverse shows a female figure, usually winged, who stands, is seated, or is taking fight. Though limited to a narrow range of subject matter, the engravers at Terina demonstrated their creativity by producing a signifcant number of sub-types, and their skill by engraving some of the finest dies in the Greek world.

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