Numismatica Ars Classica Zurich

Spring Sale 2021

Numismatica Ars Classica Zurich, Spring Sale 2021

Roman and Byzantine Coins

Mo, 10.05.2021, from 3:00 PM CEST
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Roman Republic.
C. Coelius Caldus. Denarius 51, AR 3.98 g. C·COEL·[CALDVS] Head of C. Coelius Caldus r.; in l. field, standard inscribed HIS; in r. field, standard in the form of a boar. Rev. Tablet inscribed L·CALDVS/VII·VIR·EP, behind which figure prepares epulum; on either side of tablet, a trophy. In outer r. field, C. CALDVS, in outer l. field, IMP·A·X. In exergue, CALDVS·IIIVIR. Babelon Coelia 9. Sydenham 895. RBW –. Crawford 437/2b.
Light iridescent tone and good very fine

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