Numismatica Ars Classica, Zurich

Auctions 99 & 100 - Part I

Numismatica Ars Classica, Zurich, Auctions 99 & 100 - Part I

The George W. La Borde Collection of Roman Aurei – Part II, and an important ...

Mo, 29.05.2017, from 1:15 PM CEST
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Constantine I, 307 – 337. Light miliarense, Thessalonica 326-327, AR 4.45 g. D N CONSTANTINVS MAX AVG Laureate and cuirassed bust r., with drapery on l. shoulder. Rev. FELICITAS ROMANORVM Emperor standing l. among three sons, under arch; all of them in military attire, holding sceptre and globe. In exergue, SMTS. C 150 var (Nicomedia). RIC p. 489.
Very rare. A metal flaw on cheek and a flan crack at four
o'clock on obverse, otherwise good very fine

Ex NAC sale 72, 2013, 769.

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The auction is closed.
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