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Morton & Eden, Auction 107

Important Coins of the Islamic World

Th, 22.10.2020, from 01:00 PM CEST
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FATIMID, AL-MUNTAZAR (524-526h). Dinar, al-Iskandariya 525h. Obverse: Inner margin: Abu’l-Qasim al-Muntazar bi-amr Allah Amir al-Mu‘minin; In centre: al-Imam | Muhammad. Reverse: Inner margin: la ilaha illa Allah Muhammad rasul Allah ‘Ali wali Allah; In centre: ‘Al | ghaya. Weight: 3.64g. Reference: Nicol 2589. Edge shaved and some double striking, very fine and very rare. After the assassination of al-Amir in 524h, al-Hafiz was named as his successor. He was quickly imprisoned by the ambitious Kutayfat, the son of al-Amir’s vizier, who took advantage of this situation to make a grasp for power. ‘Kutayfat declared the Fatimid dynasty deposed and proclaimed the sovereignty of al-Mahdi, the twelfth imam of the Twelver Shi’is, whose reappearance had been expected since 260/874. As a result of this ingenious religio-political solution...[Kutayfat] acquired a unique position of power, ruling as a dictator responsible to no one either in theory or practice.’ (Daftary, F., The Isma’ilis: Their History and Doctrines, Cambridge, 2007). Kutayfat struck coins naming al-Muntazar (the ‘Expected One’) until he himself was deposed and executed in 526h.

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