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Morton & Eden, Auction 107

Important Coins of the Islamic World

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ABBASID, AL-MUTTAQI (329-333h). Dinar, Tabariya 329h. Obverse: In field: la ilaha illa | Allah wahdahu | la sharik lahu | Abu Mansur bin | Amir al-Mu’minin. Reverse: In field: lillah | Muhammad | rasul | Allah | al-Muttaqi lillah. Weight: 3.75g. Reference: cf Bernardi type 308 (this mint not listed). Minor edge marks, good fine and of the highest rarity, apparently an unpublished date for this extremely rare Abbasid gold mint. Although unrecorded for Tabariya, a unique gold dinar with similar legends from Filastin is known (Bernardi 308Gn). Both coins were probably struck by the Ikhshidid ruler Muhammad b. Tughj, although his name does not appear on them. Describing the events of the year 328h, Miskawayh explains how the province of Filastin came under Ikhshidid control: ‘In Dhu’l-Hijja of this year, there came news that Ibn Ra’iq had dealt a blow to Abu Nasr b. Tughj, brother of the Ikhshid. Abu Nasr's followers were routed, his chief officers captured, while he himself had been killed. Ibn Ra’iq took the body, had it laid out and embalmed, and conveyed in a coffin to the dead man's brother the Ikhshid; with it he sent his own son Muzahim, bearing a letter of condolence on his brother's death and apologizing for the occurrence. Ibn Ra’iq assured the Ikhshid that he had not designed his brother's death, and was now sending his own son that the Ikhshid might retaliate upon him if he so desired. The Ikhshid received this proceeding favourably, bestowed a robe of honour upon Abu’l-Fath Muzahim, and sent him back to his father. They arranged terms of peace whereby Ibn Ra’iq was to cede Ramlah to the Ikhshid, but was to retain the rest of Syria, and receive from the Ikhshid for the cession of Ramlah 140,000 dinars.’ (Miskawayh, Tajarib al-Umam, 414, translated by H.F. Amedroz and D.S Margoliouth in The Eclipse of the Abbasid Caliphate, Volume IV, Oxford, 1921).

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